Bury Hill Blues…

As ever, I haven’t been out as much as I’d like over the past few weeks. A trip to Old Bury Hill at the beginning of October and a visit to my local river Lee being the only two sessions I’ve managed recently.

Arriving at Bury Hill at dawn on a mild, overcast October morning saw me and a friend heading out in a punt to the jungle area of the fishery. It was our first visit and we were really impressed by the place, great facilities and on a quiet weekday, not at all over busy. As we rowed out the anticipation was growing by the minute. A great day lay ahead, a day when we were sure to break various personal bests. Feeding bubbles were evident everywhere, carp and tench were mooching around, rolling on the surface and fry darted around us as the lakes predators went in search of an early morning snack. 

Then the rain came. And didn’t stop. All day. After weeks of dry conditions, the heavens had opened and our one leaking umbrella was put into (not so good) use. I managed to hook a tench or bream early on which then found a snag and the hook pulled. Next, a great tussle with a decent carp that fancied a Source pellet ended with another hook pull under the rod tip, this time after I’d done the hard work of extracting the lump from the snags. It looked a good fish as well.

Lastly, my float fished roach deadbait was taken confidently, immediately after I’d re-cast it towards some dying pads. I waited a second, wound in and hit it hard… nothing. I suspect it was a pike by the way it sped off and lack of ‘fang’ marks.

Oh well, it simply wasn’t to be. My mate had a worse (or better?) time of it by not even managing a bite.

We did move to the Milton lake on the complex for an hour or two, hoping for a tench or crucian. We both managed a couple of small carp, but really the losses of the day were the overiding memory.

A short afternoon trip to the Lee at Fishers Green resulted in a blank. Quel suprise. I did take a photo of a very nice chub for one guy and had a good chat with him, discussing his approach to the water and came away having learnt something. You never stop learning, and it’s perhaps the days that don’t go as well as you hoped that you can really pick up on little things that will help you make the difference next time. Like taking a decent umbrella…


Author: tescovalue79

Age: 37. Work: Marketing & communications. Like: fishing, art, ITFC, good music, bad pubs.

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