Ending the season on the Avon

As I write this piece in late March, temperatures are now in the high teens and the rather gruesome winter we’ve just endured already seems like a long time ago. The carp and tench are really waking up and as soon as I get some free time, I’ll be heading out for a day to try and land a few, hopefully using a little float in the margins.
I would dearly love to make contact with one of the big crucian carp that reside in a local pool. I witnessed a chap land one of two and three quarter pounds last spring and he had already landed some other big crucians that day. My best ‘cru’ is about a pound, a fish from Somerley lakes in Hampshire.
I’ve also yet to land a 20 pound ‘king’ carp – my best is a common of 19lbs 2ozs that I hooked one April morning eight or nine years ago now. The same pool that the big crucians hide in has some big carp, and I’ve had them to just over 15 pounds there. I would really like my first ’20’ to be a dark coloured, clear-water fish – even better if it was from a river. But finding such a fish could be both time consuming and tricky. The lower Lea around Enfield may be worth a shot and the Suffolk Stour has produced some great looking fish over the years, so when the river season kicks off again perhaps I’ll spend some time looking for a big river carp.
Finishing the river season at Britford on the Hampshire Avon is becoming a bit of an annual treat. Bight sunshine and a difficult side wind made things difficult, but in the morning I managed a lovely trout, a little grayling and some small dace to trotted maggots. I settled into a favourite swim at dusk, link ledgering bread by some overhanging trees. As the sun went down a couple of taps were followed by a more substantial pull and a lumpy chub gave a powerful account of itself in the flow. He weighed four pounds and twelve ounces and was a great way to end what has been a good season.

Avon trout
A lovely trout from the Avon.

A Hampshire Avon chub
The Britford chub that fell to link ledgered bread at dusk.

Author: tescovalue79

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