An hour on the Stour

I managed to sneak out for an hour on the Stour during a flying family visit to Suffolk at the weekend.

A Sunday morning stroll to clear the cobwebs after a mate’s BBQ on the Saturday evening offered the ideal opportunity to have a quick cast into some of my favourite chub swims of old.

A quick rummage around my Dad’s shed soon revealed what I was hoping to find – a lovely old through action, 10ft bomb rod that is ideal for fishing tight swims. The rod was accompanied by a little reel loaded with 6lb line and I finished the set-up with a size 8 Super Specialist.

I also found a rusted, but intact can of Spam that was just within its ‘Best before’ date.

The river was in good shape. I saw some superb roach along the river with plenty of pound plus fish in amongst the shoals. A particular quartet of roach, feeding casually under a bridge were really good fish and the biggest of them must have been pushing two pounds.

I made my way to an ever productive run and had a little chub first cast. Downstream I hooked a better fish of perhaps 3lbs that gave a great tussle in what is an incredibly narrow side-stream.

Finally, a fish of around two and a half pounds fell for the spam after it had settled in a deeper pool. He appeared from nowhere and snatched the meat after two much bigger chub had showed an interest in the bait. Not bad for an hour’s work.

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a great article about kayak fishing on the Stour in this month’s Improve Your Coarse Fishing.

A Suffolk Stour chub
A nice chub from a very narrow Stour backwater.

Author: tescovalue79

Age: 37. Work: Marketing & communications. Like: fishing, art, ITFC, good music, bad pubs.

2 thoughts on “An hour on the Stour”

  1. hey man great blog, i’ve had many a chub out on that same stretch (i reconise the wall) over 10 years ago!! good to know that the same species of fish still live in the same swims that allways used to, is this something you have heard of before?

  2. Hello Luke. Thanks for the kind words mate. Yes, that tiny little backwater has some big chub in it! I’ve even seen a big carp before. My best chub from that little stretch was just over four pounds, but I’ve seen bigger. Do you still fish around there? Are you based in Sudbury?

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