Ending the season on the Avon – in pictures

I spent a really enjoyable final session of the river season with a friend, on the Hampshire Avon at Britford. It really is the most superb coarse fishery and the quality and variety of fishing available make it one of my favourite venues in the UK. Here are a few pics from the afternoon:

Avon chub
My first decent fish of the day, a golden flanked chub at 3lbs 2ozs that fell to trotted maggots.
16lbs 6oz Hants Avon pike
After a quiet hour or two, I went for a wander and came across a couple of nice pike lurking in a slack. A dead minnow tempted this superb pike of 16lbs 6ozs - my best croc in quite a while.
Bread mash and bread flake hook bait
Bread mash feed + bread flake hook bait = ...
Hants Avon chub
... chunky Avon chub.
Hants Avon roach
For a short period, a shoal of roach arrived in the swim giving subtle plucks and pulls on the quiver tip. However I only managed to extract one from the swim - this beauty. Britford produces much bigger roach, but this is easily my best from the stretch.
Britford chub at dusk
The last fish of the season. Another chunky Avon chub that fell right on dusk and rounded off a great day.

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