A chevin challenge

I went down to the Wye for a few hours fishing the other evening. After a clear, still and hot day I thought it may be that dusk would offer the best chance of a barbel, but they didn’t make an appearance. The river was low but with a bit of a mucky brown tinge to it and after my last visit, when four or five ounces of lead were required to hold bottom even quite close in, now a one ounce lead was holding mid-river.

I set up two rods. One with the intention of attracting a barbel, with a ground bait feeder fished out into the flow. On the other I set up a lighter outfit, fishing close-in with a spam hook bait in search of chub. After my friend Rob and I tempted some good chub over two days in July, I’ve been thinking about targeting the species a bit more seriously. Now I decided to try for a chevin.

The river Wye at dusk
The Wye – home to lots of chub

I’ve also been pondering the size potential of Wye chub. Now of course the Wye is a big river that holds a LOT of chub. And chub of all sizes. When Rob and I shared our catch of chub and barbel we had them ranging from one right up to five pounds. The biggest, a fish that I didn’t get to photograph or weigh as I carelessly left it on the mat next to the river while I reached for the scales, flipped into the water and back to his snaggy home. It would have been a five pound plus chub from my fourth UK river and I’d have loved to have put a number on him.

But that fish, and the odd report of some very big chub in the angling press, means that perhaps there may be a chance of a new personal best from the Wye. It’ll be a numbers game for sure, but I don’t mind that!

A trotting approach with maggots or casters or perhaps bread could be a good way to target them. I’ll definitely be creating some pungent cheese paste and I’m already looking forward to spending a cold winters day lowering big pieces of bread or paste in to likely looking areas.

On this session, only one obliging chevin put in an appearance. A long, lean fish of perhaps three and half pounds – it was a typical chub for the Wye. It did provide a good tussle in the flow and on the lighter rod and line was a worthy adversary.

I look forward to finding his big brother.

A badly lit photo of a lean summer chub from the Wye. A quick bit of Photoshop work has improved the image a bit.

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