Fishing in the Forest – Tearaway Tench

I’ve become a bit obsessed by the wonderful pools scattered around the Forest of Dean.

Online information about the various waters in and around the forest is fairly limited and clues to the stock levels and species living in these often under-fished venues have generally come via word-of-mouth from the odd person I’ve spoken to on the bank or in the tackle shop.

One place I discovered on a family outing recently was one of the most undisturbed, pretty little tree-lined pools I’ve come across in some time. Alas, further research revealed it was also off-limits as far as fishing was concerned.

The other afternoon I paid a visit to another intimate pool I’d heard held plenty of tench, my target species, as well as crucians and some good roach and rudd. My target is a relatively modest tench of 5lbs and the two people I’d previously quizzed about the lake had passed on conflicting reports – one suggested a fish of this size as a possibility, while the other said not a chance!

Fishing corn on a light float rig over small balls of ground bait soon had the tench fizzing and after a succession of roach, rudd and little, bronze bream I managed six or seven tench, the best probably all of two pounds in weight. Great fun, but I think a ‘five’ is unlikely.

A little tearaway
A little tearaway

Now it’s finally warmed up and the tench are feeding, I’m really in two minds as to whether I’ll fish a river for my next session or explore another of the wonderful forest pools in search of a tearaway tench.


Author: tescovalue79

Age: 37. Work: Marketing & communications. Like: fishing, art, ITFC, good music, bad pubs.

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