Perch fishing – getting closer

I spent a lovely birthday afternoon fishing the perch pool last week. The weather was bordering on pleasant considering the time of year – I didn’t even need to remove my coat from the bag.

I managed around 15 big skimmers and bream, a couple of good roach and even a stunning little ghost carp as well as three of my target species – perch – all on float fished prawns.

A handsome little ghost carp
A handsome little ghost carp

The icing on the cake came after I’d rested the swim following a frantic bream feeding spell at the end of the day. With just three king prawns left, I picked out the biggest and positioned it slightly closer in.

After a short wait the float sailed away and upon striking I knew I’d hit into my target, finally, a big perch.

It was a nerve-racking couple of minutes, but everything held and I was soon admiring a stunning, deep shouldered fish weighing in at 2lbs 8ozs. A new personal best by all of 1oz. Awesome!

A new personal best perch of 2lbs 8ozs - lovely fish
A new personal best perch of 2lbs 8ozs – lovely fish

Author: tescovalue79

Age: 37. Work: Marketing & communications. Like: fishing, art, ITFC, good music, bad pubs.

4 thoughts on “Perch fishing – getting closer”

  1. Nice work Ben, look’s even bigger on the photo, when are you planning on going next time? I’ve had a couple of short sessions on the pencil pond at Peterstone, with lots of fish but no large ones, although another lost fish on the drop shot that felt a very good one, was having a chat with a guy the other day who was telling me there are some very large ones in Woodstock pond, and they came from White Springs, so good pedigree, The river still seems to high and coloured for piking, will the rain ever stop!!!, thought about going for the barbel but seems to being getting a fair bit colder this weekend,

    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for the kind words. It was a big fish and I must admit I weighed it more than once! I’ve never fished Peterstone, however I have fished Morgans (next to Woodstock) many times. I’ve also heard about good perch in Woodstock, so it may be woth spending a bit of time there.
      I’ll hopefully get a chance to go out at some stage this month. I really hope the river comes down before the end of the season. Drop me a line next time you venture out, and work/family stuff permitting, I can try and come and say hello!

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