Fifteen minutes…

Well, according to Warhol we all get our 15 minutes!
Angling Times Feb 14

Author: tescovalue79

Age: 37. Work: Marketing & communications. Like: fishing, art, ITFC, good music, bad pubs.

2 thoughts on “Fifteen minutes…”

  1. Indeed Ben, have you been out since then?, as you know the river has dropped and this weekend is the time for the big girls to come out, I will be out on Sunday for a go as time is running out, due to the floods it seems a very short season for the pike, I had an evening up the river last week for the barbel and was really surprised not to even have a knock,

    1. Hi Mark. I just haven’t had the time to get out recently which is a pain – especially last weekend when the weather was mild. I thought the barbel may well have a go, but interesting to hear you struggled. Wonder why?

      Good luck with the pike. I may get a chance to get on the Wye before the end – I’ve not fished it since October! But I do have a couple of days lined up on the Avon before the close – weather permitting… Let me know how you get on with the crocs!

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