Ending the season at brilliant Britford

I finished the season with a trip to the wonderful Britford fishery on the Hampshire Avon last week. Accompanied by my old mate Rob, we spent a couple of days trotting likely looking spots in the hope a few bites. Rob was really after his first grayling and though we didn’t find any sadly, we did manage minnows, dace, chub, pike, salmon parr, sea, rainbow and brown trout and a solitary, special roach. The cold nights, gin clear water and bright sunshine made things tricky, but the chub certainly obliged and hooking those bruisers at range on light float gear was great fun.

Rob trotting the river
Rob trotting the river
... and the end result - a nice Avon chub
… and the end result – a nice Avon chub
A fin-perfect Hampshire Avon roach at 1lbs 14ozs
A fin-perfect Hampshire Avon roach at 1lbs 14ozs
The sun sets on another season
The sun sets on another season

Author: tescovalue79

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15 thoughts on “Ending the season at brilliant Britford”

    1. Thanks Monty! I was really happy to get such a lovely roach. It was my best for a very long time. Any plans, fishing wise, for the next few weeks mate?

  1. Ben,

    No mate not at all,we are getting married on April the nineteenth and my better half has gone into full “Bridezilla” mode.So I’ll not be on the bank until mid May I reckon.

    Must dash,need to get my train home.

    1. Well you clearly have far more important things to worry about at the moment than a few slimy bream Monty! I hope you both have an amazing day.

  2. Thanks Mark. It’s a really special venue and that roach was truly one of the most immaculate fish I’ve seen in a long time. Next season a ‘2’ is the target! I saw on Facebook you’ve been getting amongst the big chub mate – I look forward to reading the report on your blog.

    1. Thanks Aningorrigible. Bass time soon hopefully! One of my targets this year is a bass of any size from a local mark.

      1. Thanks. I caught three or four from the rocks in West Wales a few years ago – all school fish up to 12/14ozs. People do get them from the lower Severn estuary near to where I’m based in Chepstow, but it’s pretty hardcore stuff – snaggy, major tidal range, muddy. Any tips?

      2. Not sure I should give any going by my results! However big baits, fished very close, ideally rod held at all times – and fish throughout the tide until hopefully a pattern emerges.
        Look for any thing different at low tide clear patches, gullies etc. Be prepared for some very gentle bites (normally from the bigger bass) an give line or move the rod towards the ‘bite’.
        Good luck in your quest really looking forward to your updates

  3. Well Ben that really is a very special roach, and slightly surprised others did not follow, looking at the bass bit they are an enigma for myself, there are some very good fish along the lower Usk through Newport but as mentioned the tides are unbelievable, there’s this one chap who spends a fair bit of time having a go for them with some incredible results, much the same as the earlier comment, big baits close in and hang on, keep telling myself to have a go but not really got the gear for it, it needs a lot more than heavy piking tackle ! I have promised myself a trip out on a charter boat in Pembrokeshire this summer so I can finally get the monkey off my back,

    1. Hi Mark. I’d love to get just one bass from the estuary this year. As ever the problem comes from finding the time, but I’m determined to get a couple of sessions in soon. Gotta be in it to win it and all that. I didn’t know the Usk by Newport had fish in there, let alone bass!

  4. Stunning roach Ben, absolutely pristine. It’s still a great venue and there’s some stonking roach still swimming in those hallowed waters. Well done Ben you must be well chuffed with that.

    1. Thanks Nathan. Yes, totally chuffed with that one – a stunning fish. A lot of good roach came out from the venue in the final couple of weeks, I’d love to get a ‘two’ next season! Any fishing plans for the next few weeks mate?

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