Canal carp – nothing doing

Scene set. Pre-baiting done. Careful introduction of tasty pellets, crushed boilies and a few grains of corn over a few evenings into two, strategic swims.

Dawn start. Warm, overcast. Quiet…

Very quiet, in fact. Not a sniff. No sign of anything apart from small roach. Drive home feeling a bit dejected.

Back to the drawing board?

Nothing home...
Nothing home…

Author: tescovalue79

Age: 37. Work: Marketing & communications. Like: fishing, art, ITFC, good music, bad pubs.

3 thoughts on “Canal carp – nothing doing”

  1. Hi Ben, interesting read on canal carp, bail in the chum mixers and wait, they will eventually come up even if it takes a week, if not there not in there!! your doing well on the river so far
    Regards Mark

    1. Hi Mark. Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve kind of put the canal carp project on hold. Especially now it feels like October outside! Perch time. The river has been good – though I did have a very quiet evening on there last week. How’s your season going?

  2. Hi Ben, been in West Wales for a fortnight, very nice and eventually broke the Bass duck, taken a while! Only a couple of pounds but very welcome, seem to have found the right area though lots of takes in a couple of hours just looking forward already for next years holiday, the river has been a bit patchy and I’ve not been much again due to work getting in the way,a couple of decent fish in the first fortnight followed by a couple of blanks, things have quietened down a bit with work so plans are in place for that elusive three pound perch, should get some evenings in over the next month , keep up the blog and will watch with interest to see who’s first
    Regards Mark

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