Perch and Pikeels

I went to try and catch a big perch from a local pond at the weekend. During my last visit in September, I sat in a t-shirt and had probably two dozen feisty perch to over a pound and a half in weight. So confidence was high as I arrived for an afternoon session on a colder, overcast afternoon. The plan was to see if any bigger perch were around.

We’d had a good bit of rain on the days prior to my visit and on arrival the water colour told me everything I needed to know – it was going to be a struggle. A feeder stream had emptied thousands of gallons of tea coloured water into the lake, turning it 50 shades of Pantone 7412 C.

Pantone 7412 C - not a shade to instil confidence...
Pantone 7412 C – not a shade to instil confidence…

It was frustrating as the weather has already seen off two perch trips this autumn – the rain doing for a planned day with Monty and Hurricane Gonzalo halting the other scheduled trip on the Grand Union with my mate Rob, who’s quietly been getting amongst some good fish this year.

Oh well. I decided to stick it out, but I knew deep down it wasn’t going to happen. I did get some nice roach in the end, but even they disappeared after a couple of hours.

An iridescent lake roach
An iridescent lake roach

I hope the rain doesn’t completely finish off any chances of some decent winter river fishing, but it’s not looking good. Still, winter commercial perch fishing is something I enjoy a lot, so it’s something to fall back on.

Daggertooth pike conger
Dear old Matt Hayes. He gets a bit of stick on the forums and social media, but I think he comes across as a decent chap. He certainly takes a good photo. He recently posted an image on Twitter – don’t think it was one of his – of a Japanese pike eel. Now there’s something I’d never seen before. A quick Google brings up all sorts about these fish and what must be either the same species or a close relation, the Daggertooth pike conger. The stuff of nightmares!

Japanese pike eel
Japanese pike eel

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4 thoughts on “Perch and Pikeels”

  1. She’s back over the banks again Ben and a little higher than last time. That top photo looks like an old iron ore brick pit colour.

    1. The worry is that it’ll be like this all winter Monty – a bit of rain and the rivers shoot up! And usually just when I’ve managed to find a few hours to fish. Last year was a ‘mare wasn’t it? Luckily I enjoy fishing the commercials for perch at this time of year, but it’s never the same as being on the river.

  2. Those perch are very finicky if the water’s recently changed colour, iron ore is a new one on me round here though, the other water is still being half kind, took a day off work recently and had a real mixed bag with three good perch to two and half and a couple of dropped fish on livebaits, the normal pesky carp and some really decent bream, roach and a bonus november tinca, those commercials are nice and quite in the week place to myself, very interesting pike eel! Not seen that one on river monsters,
    The river is perfect at present got to get out before the next deluge

    1. Mark, the water I’ve been trying is over into England. A bit of an unknown, but worth another few try’s. The river is indeed spot-on at the moment. That did’t stop me registering a blank at the weekend! Good to hear you’ve been getting amongst them mate.

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