While enjoying my traditional festive blank on the river last week, I allowed my mind to wander and reflect on what’s been a hugely enjoyable fishing year.

In many ways, simply getting out and going fishing really is enough these days. For me it’s a therapy of sorts – an escape from the pressures of day-to-day life. A chance to daydream, but also a time to focus.

I find myself less concerned with numbers, personal bests and the like these days. I also seem less inclined to stick with one style of fishing for very long. But I still like to catch big fish and set the odd target. A feral carp remains on the radar and I have a loose plan involving a couple of unusual venues that I intend to get round to as it warms up. I’d like to spend more time trotting. I’d like to land a big Wye pike. And a three pound perch. And a decent bass. So there we go – quite a few aims and targets really!

The Wye has been kind this last year and it really is a special place to be. I’m lucky to count it as my local river venue. I had some great sessions on a local tench pool and enjoyed some equally interesting perch fishing through 2014. Trips to the Hampshire Avon and Portishead Marina provided contrasting and rewarding fishing too.

Here are a few pictures. Happy New Year folks.

A new personal best perch of 2lbs 8ozs from January.
A new personal best perch of 2lbs 8ozs from January.
A chub of nearly five pounds from the Hampshire Avon last March. I had this one trotting at range - a totally engossing way to fish.
A chub of nearly five pounds from the Hampshire Avon last March. I had this one trotting at range – a totally engossing way to fish.
Rob trotting the river.
Rob trotting the river.
A tench of 8lbs 1oz caught on the float, one of my most memorable fish.
A tench of 8lbs 1oz caught on the float, one of my most memorable fish.
Wading into the Wye.
Wading into the Wye.

Author: tescovalue79

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9 thoughts on “Reflections”

    1. You too. Yes, the tench was a special fish. I’m already looking forward to the spring and fishing for them again. Any specific plans this year anincorrigible?

      1. Hi, apart from trying to get that elusive 10lb bass I’m not sure. I always say I will use spring and summer to target freshwater species but it never really happens, maybe this year?

  1. Always good to start the new year with different target’s, that perch hunt still continues for the both of us, interesting match results on the Wye at Hereford recently showing 49lb of perch won a match, guessing there was some really good ones in that net,
    Don’t mean to rub it in but went out on Boxing day for a very quick couple of hours with my elderly father and managed a mid twenty , fantastic fish and fought like a tiger, very deep and well marked, really good to share that with him and get back home for the football,
    Happy New Year and keep up this great blog

    1. Thanks for the kind words Mark. The blog is something I enjoy, so I’ll keep at it! Huge congrats on the giant pike – what a fish. I think a wild, river ’20’ is as good as any trout resevoir ’30’. A special fish indeed. I had a try for perch downstream of Hereford on another town stretch last week. No joy, though I did lose something half decent. Back to the stillwaters in search of ’em now I feel… Good luck for 2015 Mark.

  2. Hi!!just came across your blog and really enjoy reading it!
    I live in colchester not far from the Suffolk stour and used to float fish flat ford and Dedham stretch in the early 1990s until
    I found carp fishing!!! A good friend of mine took me to the river wye barbel fishing for the time 2yrs ago and to say I’m hooked is a understatement!!! End of July we fished at atherstone I think it’s called on a famous female horse trainers stretch!!! We did catch but conditions were very hot and river low and clear!!! Now carp fishing takes a back seat to river fishing. What stretches of the stour did u fish for chub was it Dedham or flat ford or further upstream as I would really like to break the 5 pound mark!!!! I have had carp to just over 38lb but a 5pound stour chub would be more rewarding!!! Great blog giles

    1. Hi Giles. Thanks for the kind words on the blog mate. Glad to hear you’re enjoying the river fishing – it’s good fun!
      I fished mainly in and around the Sudbury area on the Stour. Plenty of good areas to try all along the river though. It seems like the Stour chub are getting bigger – but I still think a five pounder is a really good fish from the river. I’ve only had one and that was a few years back now.
      Let me know how you get on, I always enjoy hearing about how the Stour’s doing! Ben

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