Viaduct carp

It’s something I’ve thought about a lot recently – finding a genuine carp fishing adventure. Exploring new waters off the beaten track; perhaps even landing a special fish. But of course these things take time. So it’s a very loose project that will take place over years rather than weeks or months – but I’m determined to find it.

For all that, my carp fishing skills are pretty rusty. I don’t really know my chods from my Spods to be perfectly honest. So I decided to ease my way back in and head to a day ticket water in an effort to get to grips with catching carp again.

Viaduct fishery in Somerset is a well established venue. The largest, most mature lake features some huge arches that give the complex its name. They loom large and offer a dramatic backdrop to what is an attractive lake. There are enough shady corners, shallow bays, dense overhanging trees and reed beds to give the angler plenty of features in which to find carp.

Viaduct fishery in Somerset.
Viaduct fishery in Somerset.

And on a warm afternoon, floaters take some beating. Although the Viaduct fish are plentiful, they are not mugs. I hooked two carp quickly, but suffered hook pulls on both occasions. The fish were very cagy after that. Some would intercept all the free offerings without ever going near the hookbait. Others nudged it along the surface, testing it before spooking as the line moved. I must have had two-dozen near misses before I swapped from bread crust to a small, single imitation mixer. Even this failed to work until I actually moved the mixer ever so slightly up the line and added a piece of bread flake to the hook that sat just underneath the fake dog biscuit. A six or seven pound common carp was the result of the hard work and I was delighted – the first carp from a new venue is always a memorable one.

Fishing for carp using floating baits is enourmous fun.
Fishing for carp using floating baits is enourmous fun.

Soon after a nice mirror carp made the same mistake before, just as I was beginning to clear the gear away, a confident, lumpy fish muscled in and took the mixer as bold as brass. The carp put up a great scrap and eventually a bullish mirror of just over 14 pounds rolled into the net. I took some photos and released the fish carefully back to her watery home.

A near-double from Viaduct.
A mirror carp from Viaduct.
The best carp of the evening.
The best carp of the evening.

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4 thoughts on “Viaduct carp”

  1. Hi Ben, really nice fishery the viaduct, have fished it on a few occasions, really well run and fairly clear water considering the head of fish, some fantastic stripeys in there as well, completely agree the floater is king and one of the most exciting (and frustrating) ways of catching any coarse fish, check out the local capitals river for some monster perch rumours,

    1. Hi Mark. Yeah, I enjoyed it over there. It’s a nice place to fish. Interesting perch rumours! I’m guessing the lower, deeper areas? Another option once the frosts arrive!

  2. Just down the road from me, The Viaduct. The first time I fished it, we targeted the perch. Had some half-decent fish but the real excitement was the last hour. Me and my friend Ben decided to pack away the perch kit and sit side by side, fishing luncheon meat a rod length out. Well, we had 4 fish and the smallest was 16lb! Ben had one nearly 24lb and I had a common of an ounce over 20, which is my biggest ever fish. That was on Cary.

    1. Thanks for the kind words on the tench, Russell. Those canal tench you’ve been getting are lovely fish! In terms of points I should be off fishing for something obscure, but I’ll almost certainly have another crack at the tench before the rivers open. Re Viaduct, wow! That’s quite spectacular fishing!

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