“I’m just off to meet some blokes from the internet by a canal in Coventry”

Well it raised a few guffaws from my work colleagues, but the missus greeted my description with a roll of the eyes and a trio of jobs before I could even think about heading north.

I hit the road at 11am, bound for the centre of the angling blogging universe – Coventry.

It was Jeff’s Zedvember the 54th birthday, blogging and zander fish-in you see, my first attendance at the event.

I was pleasantly surprised to pull into the car park by the Coventry canal just an hour and a half later. And making my way along the canal I was greeted by a quite attractive, feature filled stretch of water – no wonder Jeff enjoys spending time here.

Broken chimp

Coventry canal

I soon caught up with Brian, James and Keith. Just up from them were Russell and Beth, who I tagged along with for most of the afternoon. It was great catching up with everyone and I had a good chinwag with most of the lads on the day. Soon enough Jeff and Keith popped by on their way for a refreshment pit-stop. They tipped us off about the hotdogs available outside the pub and it didn’t take long for Russell, Beth, Mick and I to get in on the action. I washed mine down with a nice drop of mild.

The fishing was tough though. But of course it was never going to be the sole focus of the day, fortunately. Russell did get a nice mid-double (ozs) pike and a lovely PB zander fishing tiny roach deadbaits. Brian had a good pike and perch and James a zander too. Well-in.

Russell with a nice double figure pike...
Russell with a nice double figure pike…

Me? One bite that never materialized into something worth striking at. It was a fun day and great to meet so many of the bloggers I’ve been conversing with over the last few years. And as an added bonus I made it out alive, after meeting a bunch of blokes from the internet by a canal in Coventry.

dusk canal


Author: tescovalue79

Age: 37. Work: Marketing & communications. Like: fishing, art, ITFC, good music, bad pubs.

8 thoughts on ““I’m just off to meet some blokes from the internet by a canal in Coventry””

    1. Great to meet you too, George. I’ve added you to my list, though like many others I’ve been a keen reader since you started really. I must get back on the canal soon and I do fancy another bash for the zander on the Cov sooner rather than later.

  1. Good to meet you at last Ben, shame you didn’t manage any fish but it was a good day and the “roll of the eyes”?, every angler get’s that after mentioning our next adventure, comes with the territory I’m afraid. If or when your down in the capital next see if we can meet up and maybe do a spot of fishing should the time present itself.

    1. I enjoyed the day a lot James and it was a pleasure meeting you too mate. As for the fish… stinky old things anyway. I’ll hold you to that capital fishing offer James, I hope to get down at some stage before the season ends.

  2. Shame we met so briefly, Ben. But we’ll meet again soon enough, I’m sure. Great to see you at last and sorry about the atrocious conditions but I can’t promise good sport for myself let alone for others. They do what they do.

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