Like many anglers, photography plays a big part in my fishing. My aim is to try and capture the more unusual elements of being by the water and I’m drawn to places and spaces off the beaten track. I’m always trying to improve my photography and move away from the predictable! Here are a collection of images from here, there and everywhere…

Rob fishing web

canal web

Sleeping swans and rising rudd
Sleeping swans and rising rudd
The edgelands...
The edgelands…

4_2 chubwaterweb

Urban river
Urban river

Whitechapel b_wweb

A handsome little crucian carp
A handsome little crucian carp
Brixton fish market
A wide and exotic selection of fish at the wonderful Brixton Market

4 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. Hi Nick.

    The photo in my header is my favourite swim of all time – Brundon weir pool on the Suffolk Stour in Sudbury. I grew up minutes from the pool and it’s where my old friends and I spent many, many hours catching a wonderful array of fish over the years.

    Do you know it? I’ve heard mixed things about the general state of the Stour in recent years, though a good mate did get a fine bag of big bream from the pool this summer.

    It certainly used to be a brilliant place for predator fishing and I once saw a carp angler get a 20+ common from there on a mild, February morning.

  2. Hi Ben,

    I recently came across your blog and enjoyed some of your posts; I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a review on some carp tackle?

    We’ve got some interesting exclusives and were wondering if you wanted an early crack at reviewing them.

    I hope that this is of interest, but let me know either way



    1. Hello Duncan. Thanks for the kind words. I’d definitely be keen to do some reviews – I’ll drop you an email if that’s ok? Ben

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