What to fish for?

Late March/early April is always a funny time of year in terms of coarse angling.
Obviously, the rivers are shut, which is a good thing IMO!
However since the changes which saw the stillwaters remain open, I do like to get out and fish the lakes during spring.
Deciding what to fish for and where is a difficult decision, however.
I normally get a few sessions in using floating baits after carp,
and float fishing for tench is one of my favourite forms of angling, but I think it’sprobably still a little cold for either yet, so
I guess I’ll have to do something else instead like going to an exhibition or watching Rooney & co. scrap their way to a victory today.

End of the season 2008/9

Suffolk Stour roach at 1lbs 6ozs
Suffolk Stour roach at 1lbs 6ozs

For my last trip of the season I decided on a trip to the ever-reliable Suffolk Stour.

Had this cracker in amongst the chub!
Feeder fished maggots produced seven chub to just under 4lbs, two chunky dace and three roach. A great few hours to end the season and my last bite produced this stunning roach.

The big blank?

Perhaps I’ll use this blog to describe the pain of trying to catch a chub or barbel or anything from the river Lee (Lea?) at Fishers Green.

Thus far my efforts on this pretty, enigmatic stretch of the river have resulted in an eight month blank… perhaps next season I’ll finally land one of those elusive monsters.