Snow roach

I went over to the Cefn Mably fisheries near Cardiff last week, just as the snow was beginning to thaw with a view to fishing a short session for roach.

I already knew the method I wanted to use – an old Leeda glass fibre whip that I’ve had for many years, fitted with a flick-tip and set-up with light pole tackle for the lovely roach that inhabit the bottom pool.

It was a real pleasure slowly building the swim over the three or so hours I was there and the mesmerising routine of flicking the rig out, feeding, striking and then swinging in a silvery little roach was enormous fun.

Over 40 roach fell to the single maggot hookbait, including a few chunky 8-10oz fish, with the majority in the 4-8oz range. Magic.

Cold water fishing


snow roach web

Returning a roach


Mad Dogs and Fishermen

There’s no doubting how impressive snow catch shots can be, none more so than Keith Speer’s giant winter barbel that he took on the stick float last season.

I’ve tried, and failed, to get a proper snowy chub on a few occasions. But I think I’ll wait until this particular spell of freezing weather passes before I venture out.

I did come across this chap on a local pool this afternoon. I asked how he was doing, but received a rather frosty response…

Snow fisherman